Smartboard In Classroom. 4 Amazing Ways Smartboard Making Education More Interactive And Fun!

Students are encouraged to participate in the lessons via interactive smartboard. What teachers can present to kids is not constrained. In addition to conventional text-based classes, you can also include movies, PowerPoint slides, and graphics. In this article, we’ll examine the use of smartboard technology in the classroom and how it might help teachers interact with students more effectively.

In Malaysia, education is at a turning point. With conventional teaching methods, teachers are finding it difficult to connect with their students. In modern, connected society, students have grown up. They have access to information and digital services at all times and from anywhere.

The Definition of Interactive Smartboard

An interactive smartboard commonly referred to as an electronic whiteboard or interactive whiteboard is a teaching tool that enables students to project images from a computer screen onto a classroom board. A tool or simply a finger can be used by a teacher or student to “interact” with the visuals that are displayed on the screen.

Teachers can access material from all around the world using a computer that is connected to the internet or a local network. They can quickly search for a lesson they’ve already used. Suddenly, the teacher has access to a variety of materials.

The interactive whiteboard is a valuable addition to the classroom for both teachers and students. It invites the students to work together and engage more deeply in the lessons. Students can be engaged in lectures by using shared multimedia materials.

Smartboard in Classroom: How It Will Benefit Teachers and Students

Interactive courses delivered on a smartboard or whiteboard enhanced student engagement, according to a recent Yale University article. Students are encouraged to actively learn thanks to the technology. Students took more notes and asked more questions, which made group activities like brainstorming and problem-solving more productive.

Smartboard technology is being used in the classroom by more and more instructors. Here are five ways educators are using technology to interact with students:

1. Displaying Extra Information on the Whiteboard

The use of the whiteboard in the classroom shouldn’t take the role of lecturing or teaching. Instead, it ought to improve the instruction and give students chances to interact more deeply with the material. Before class begins, the instructor must prepare supplementary resources that may be used with smart technology, such as quick movies, infographics, or issues the students can work on using a whiteboard.

2. Emphasize the Key Points of the Lesson

As you progress through a lesson, clever technologies can be used to emphasize important facts. You can make an overview of the topics to be addressed in class before the lesson starts. You can break down the main concepts, definitions, and crucial information for students on the whiteboard as each part begins. In addition to text, this can also feature visuals and videos. This will assist pupils in taking notes and in reviewing the subjects you will discuss in the future.

3. Get Students Working in Groups to Solve Problems

Organize the lesson around solving problems. Give the class a problem to solve, then turn the interactive whiteboard over to the kids. With smartboard technology as the center of the lesson, students can better collaborate in the classroom. Digital technology unlocks the internet as they work, allowing students to connect the lesson to the technology they use every day.

Students can work together more effectively when the smartboard in classroom is the focal point of the lesson. As they work, digital technology opens the internet or search engine like Google, enabling students to relate the lesson to the technology they use every day.

4. Address queries from students

Use the interactive whiteboard and class questions to engage the students. Use clever technologies to look up extra data or information. On the whiteboard, ask the question, and then go over the response with the class. Show them how you respond to the query or how you gather more information. As soon as you’re done, you can save the test results and email them to the student for future use.

Conclusion: Smartboard in classroom

For schools struggling to connect students to classroom lessons, or keep students engaged, smart technology like interactive whiteboards is an ideal solution. An interactive whiteboard in the emerging smart classroom setup provides students with the technology they know and understand. It enhances collaboration and invites interaction with the lesson. Afterward, students can see how the technology they use connects to the lessons they learn in school.

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In this article, we have discussed the followings:

1. The Definition of Interactive Smartboard

2. Smartboard in Classroom: How It Will Benefit Teachers and Students

3. Conclusion: Smartboard In Classroom

Smartboard For Classroom – The Best Teaching Experience In 2022
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